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At a time when the real estate industry was in its infancy, when a lot was left to desire from developers and government alike, two visionaries came together to redefine the industry in Bangalore. Circa 1998, sensing a desperate need for quality and aesthetics in the real estate business, B S Shivarama and R Gopal Reddy came together; bringing their years of valuable experience and a keen sense of design and aesthetics to form The Concorde Group. Experience and knowledge along with able administration and business acumen formed the perfect launch pad for the group to take off and as they say, since then there has been no looking back. In all these years, the two visionaries have been ably complimented by a battery of young, talented and restless professionals taking care of various skill sets and departments.

  • B.S. Shivarama

    B.S. Shivarama

    It is not only about vision. It is as much about getting things done.
    You are pursuing a path you have chosen and are succeeding in it, when suddenly circumstances present you with opportunities that open your eyes to a whole new world.B. S. Shivarama had more than just a Master’s degree in Arts; he had a whole lot of imagination and a will to succeed as well. With this,
    he set out to change the industry and the way the Real Estate business was perceived in Bangalore. His background as a professor also equipped him with idealism, values and a dogged determination to change the world.
    Today, he has been successful in not only changing perceptions, but also in redefining many of the standards in the industry. Respected for his incisive views on industry and his business acumen, B. S. Shivarama has been the motivational force behind the success and achievements of the Group where he has set the highest standards for others to follow. Showing the world how one could be straight as an arrow and yet building a world class company in a difficult environment.
    ..Read more >

  • R. Gopal Reddy

    R. Gopal Reddy
    Managing Director

    If it needs to be built, it will be.
    A dogged determination characterizes the personality that is R. Gopal Reddy. He comes from the Real Estate and Construction industry and is proud about his antecedents, that have allowed him to be as gentle as a breeze yet tough as concrete when the situation requires. His shared vision with B. S. Shivarama is what keeps the Group on an even keel and like the other co-founder of the Group; he too shares a vision of not just changing perceptions of consumers, but also on how this industry functions in Bangalore. So when the opportunity arose in 1998, it was as if opportunity itself was bidding time. This was the start of the Concorde Group. Today, he is primarily responsible for chalking out development and directional strategies for the Group; reinventing the future, as one might say. ..Read more >

  • B.S. Nesar
    Executive Director

    When you are young and have seen the world, the fresh perspective and ideas you bring to the table are invaluable to the company.
    B. S. Nesar’s broad outlook and international perspective comes from experience garnered through spending time in different countries. He has a Master’s Degree in International Finance from the University of Leeds, UK, and also has a degree from a Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Business from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Nesar brings with him the exposure and talent needed to see things in a new light. He also takes a keen interest in Project Planning and in strategizing on key areas in which the business can be developed. Ever since he joined the Group, there has also been a strong never-say-dieattitude and with it, fresh infusion of ideas and work ethic that’s fuelling the Group’s expansion plans. ..Read more >

  • R. G. Sunil

    R. G. Sunil
    Executive Director

    Broaden your horizons and expand your core competencies.
    R. G. Sunil spearheads the Company’s expansion into fresh new verticals. He has an MBA in International Finance from University of Wales, Institute Cardiff, UK. He joined the Group in 2010 and has since made remarkable contributions in all aspects of the Group’s businesses. More recently, he began leading the vibrant chain of coffee outlets called Cuppa. Sunil brings with him a fresh way of looking at things, an inborn talent of multi-tasking mixed with tremendous enthusiasm and a now-or-never-spirit. All this makes for a potent combination in the business environment. ..Read more >

  • R. G. Anil

    R. G. Anil
    Executive Director

    Customer is king.
    The new generation mantra of ‘business existing for the customer’ is at the heart of Anil’s business philosophy. He has a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising from University of Leeds, UK. So in many ways, Anil represents the ‘Generation Next’ at Concorde, always enthusiastic and always on a constant learning curve. He is responsible for many of the changes within the Group, particularly in putting customer care at the top of the real estate business. Though it’s been only a short while since his joining, his contribution to the Group and its functioning are already making a marked difference in the Group’s success. ..Read more >

  • B. S. Lakshmi

    B. S. Lakshmi
    Executive Director

    Sometimes gentleness is the secret ingredient in a good business strategy.
    The softer and more creative side of the team is truly represented by B.S. Lakshmi who has a Master’s Degree in Accounts and Finance from Manchester University, UK. B.S. Lakshmi, brings in a well-rounded understanding of the processes and international best practices. Her finance related background helps make prudent decisions on investments and she is up to date with all the financial activities of the organization. In many ways, she does represent the future of the Group and the promise it holds for all stakeholders. Here again, in a short period of time, she has been able to make remarkable contributions and has added to all aspects of the business. ..Read more >

  • Mr.Ajaz Ahmed

    Mr.Ajaz Ahmed
    Vice President-Projects & Engineering

    And the Earth moved.
    The man who commands an all round respect for his engineering acumen, Ajaz Ahmed comes with a Civil Engineering Degree and a Post Graduate Degree in Construction Management. With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, Ajaz Ahmed has been instrumental in setting up the entire technical department and in adopting new constructional technologies within the Group. Usually the first to get involved in a new project, Ajaz Ahmed plays a key role when it comes to deciding on a project, right from technical, financial viability, contracts, to overall project management. Ajaz Ahmed keeps delivery schedules and makes sure quality is never compromised helping keep Concorde Group’s flag flying high. ..Read more >

  • Rohini S Bagewadi

    Rohini S Bagewadi
    Principal Architect

    God is in the details and someone has to make sure it is so.
    When it comes to the success of a project, design plays a key role. And Rohini is the one charged with this huge responsibility. Every time she has come out with flying colours, creating forms that have been unique and allowing the Group to build a reputation for its architecture. Her focus is to build efficient yet environmentally friendly buildings. She has handled various projects in residential and commercial spaces and usually is an active participant from the start till the completion of a project. It is not too far-fetched to say that the blueprint for our success lies in her designs. ..Read more >

  • Mr.Satya Prakash Gupta

    Mr.Satya Prakash Gupta
    Chief Finance Officer

    When things are looking good and expansion is beckoning, someone has to take the sensible person’s role.
    S.P. Gupta is the Chief Finance Officer of Concorde Group and thus the man who actually has a strong say in where the business is going. Very grounded yet creative in vision, his areas of responsibilities include Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Business Finance, Taxation and Restructuring for the whole Group. S.P. Gupta joined as CFO in 2012 and has experience in the field of finance, accounts, taxation and audit. As the Head of Finance, S.P. Gupta’s key responsibilities are to fuel the company’s growth, manage critical finance functions and adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements making sure all legalities are covered. S.P. Gupta is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and Lawyer by profession. He holds a B.Sc. (Computer Science) degree from Bundelkhand University. ..Read more >

  • Mr. Ravi S V

    Mr. Ravi S V
    Chief Marketing officer

    If you want to build a great brand, lay the foundation with the right strategy.
    Engineering the brand is the toughest job in the business, on the brand will rest the entire premium of the business and MR. S V Ravi is the custodian to this at Concorde Group. He is an enthusiastic, dedicated professional having come through the grid; with an expertise in managing Sales, Marketing and CRM functions in many leading Real Estate companies.
    His customer centric and process oriented approach brings the ‘X’ factor to Concorde Group. As an avid industry observer he has seen the growth of Bangalore real estate and believes a “Concorde Home” has all the potential to be counted among the top five choices of a real estate buyer. With a career span of over 25 years, Mr. Ravi a mechanical engineer by training has had an extensive experience in Business planning, strategy, sales and marketing across various industries like Real estate, FMCG, Construction Chemicals and Building Industry products. Under his proficient leadership, Concorde Group is poised to surge itself and achieve many more heights in the days to come ..Read more >

Concorde Group was set up in 1998 and in just a decade and a half has developed over 18 million sft of residential space, keeping in line with the rocketing growth of the IT industry in Bangalore.

Concorde Group brought with it an ability to deliver homes that are world class in design and execution. It changed the way people experienced comfort and luxury in their living environment. Concorde homes are built with love and passion and are close to working environments yet bring with them a seclusion and privacy that allows a great life away from the pressures  of a work day.

Long lasting value for customers with benchmark quality, enviable locations and thoughtfully designed architecture are some of the attributes that set apart a Concorde home from the rest. Concorde Group is managed by professional veterans from real estate and various other sectors, all working towards making the group the most preferred real estate company.

We are glad to have been a part of the great Bangalore story. As the city evolves, we are certain that Concorde Group will be a name that’s going to be associated with its success

Our Vision

To emerge as the most preferred real estate organisation by creating sustainable values for all our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To work towards becoming a fully integrated, professionally managed real estate organisation driving customer delight through all our offerings.

Our Values

Quality, Transparency, Fairness, Speed, Punctuality, Customer Delight & most importantly Value creation.

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