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Concorde Livingston Apartment in Kudlu

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Imagine the deafening blast of pneumatic vehicle horns, or the racket of an auto rickshaw, or even the shrill calls of a roadside vendor. And then, we will introduce you a place where all this will indeed be only a part of your imagination. Feel at home in one of the most lavish Bangalore Residential Properties, Concorde Livingston.

Among all the contemporary facilities that are characteristic of an exclusive enclave like the Concorde Livingston, what you will appreciate the most, is the fresh, pollution-free air and the silence of sanity this beautiful piece of paradise offers. If you are considering buying an apartment in Bangalore, there will be no better place to get your money's worth and peace of mind as Concorde Livingston.

List of Availibilty for Resale
Block Unit No Type Of Unit SBA/BUA Price Per SFT Price
01 and 31 2 BHK 1336 4400 64
4 4 2 BHK 1536 4500 72

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