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Nov 3, Times Of India

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one", said Jane Howard. Sure, don't we all derive the strength to fight it back to the next days grind, after we've had a fulfilling time with our families? Even Mother Teresa once said, "Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family." And with the once Garden city Bangalore burgeoning to be an IT capital and home to hundreds of MNC's, it is merry time for the white collared. Albeit, at what cost? Yes, the family time is at stake. But, not any more...Why sacrifice something you cherish the most?

Concorde Group has it all planned for you. Figure this - around 2 lac people are working in about 120 companies in and around Electronic city. Now if they stay in the vicinity their commute time could be reduced from 1 hour to 1 minute. There you go - that's Concorde Groups mantra for you 'Get a life in Electronic city - 1 minute from work'.

First they made 229 luxurious independent villas designed on the lines of western concept with Silicon Valley Phase-I and II at Electronic City, next to Wipro corporate office. And for those who missed out, here is some good news.

Concorde Manhattans launched last week by Minister for Major Industries, Karnataka, is up for grabs now with 13 elegantly designed residential buildings with 780 apartments. Right in the heart of Electronics City, the biggest plus point is its location. Infact, the honorable minister was so fascinated when he saw the villas at Concorde Silicon Valley, located opposite Manhattans; he went on to say that it's actually like living in California, the Silicon Valley of the world. Spread over 13 acres, Manhattans offers a selection of 2, 2 + Study Room and 3 bedroom apartments ranging from 1100 sq ft to 1609 sq ft sizes on 15 floors to suit individual requirements of space and budget. Sprawling lawns, swimming pools, coffee shop, a golf putting range, snooker parlour, an amphitheatre, bowling alley, a mini theatre, and squash and tennis court make Concorde Manhattans even more attractive.

Concorde Manhatan

And that's not all. Concorde Group has left no stones unturned. They bring to you system-driven international class construction technology the most versatile modern construction system for the first time in Bangalore. BS Shivarama, Concorde Group Chairman avers, "By using specially designed and manufactured Aluminium Formwork and effectively managing associated construction activities, this system can virtually bring 'assembly line' productivity to the construction site environment. Some of the many benefits of this high-end technology is its custom design to suit project requirements and its total system forming the complete concrete structure. Also, this system is effective and surpasses construction speed giving high-quality finish."

R Gopal Reddy, Managing Director of the group introduced a new concept of providing fully furnished flats. He says, "Our Manhattans model flat is truly world-class and someone who's interested can get a replica of the same replete with wood-work, furniture, airconditioners etc at a reasonable price." You don't have to look further now as Concorde Manhattans comes with a whole range of amenities, entertainment, greenery, assured infrastructure of the locality, right in the heart of Electronic city (close to Wipro and Infosys). After all an hour saved is an hour gained.

You can be assured of everything when you come to Concorde. Today, Concorde is a professionally managed group with proven capabilities; it has developed close to 60 lakhs square feet of land into residential layouts and 5 Lakhs square feet of land into constructional projects. Some of them being Concorde Paradise, Concorde Twin City, Silicon Valley, Concorde Green City and Concorde Towers. Concorde currently has 750 crore worth of projects (Concorde Midway between Hosur road and Electronic city and Concorde Sylvan View Off Hosur road and Silicon Valley) due for completion.

At the helm of the group, BS Shivarama, Chairman and R Gopal Reddy, Managing Director bring to the table rich experience and knowledge in their respective fields and form a powerful combination of able administration and keen business acumen. They are complemented by a team of high-caliber engineers, architects, marketing professionals, finance and legal personnel.

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