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Priyadarshini Nandy, June 23, Times of India

The Concorde Group is one such company that's been around for a while, has suffered the fluctuations of the market and yet continues to provide good quality homes to Bangaloreans.

You may not have seen their ads splashed across hoardings promising a new life all over the city much, but they do form an integral part of city's real estate industry.

Today they have a few respectable projects to their name with a few more to come. Yes, that's the other thing�they don't like to build in bulk. So forgive them if you don't see five or six Concorde Projects coming up in the city at the same time. "You might be wondering why we build in few numbers when today's rage is to make community after community," asked R Gopal Reddy, MD of the Concorde Group.

The question had crossed our mind. "It's simply because we wait till the land registration is done and clearance is given by the BDA or BMRDA. There's no point in fooling the customer into thinking that everything is in order when its not. We are talking of people's lifetime earnings here. It's not good to be dishonest," he said.

They began as plot developers and gradually transcended to large residential spaces. This measured growth has given them the strength to understand the pulse of the people, their requirements and give them just that. They believe in selling at reasonable prices so that it doesn't cost the customer the world and yet he can enjoy the fruit of his investment in case he wishes to sell later. How do they do that? It's a little difficult to believe that when everything is becoming expensive, they are able to maintain a standardised pricing for the projects. "Our USP would be to give the customer the best in a far less value than competition. But we never, and I repeat, never compromise on quality or anything else," says B S Shivarama, chairman of Concorde Group. Their continuous thirst of excellence forces them to improve with each project.

Located strategically (all around Electronic City on Hosur Road), their projects are all set to provide 600 independent bungalows and 1000 apartments to those working in and around Electronic City. "And this is one area which has and will continue to develop and by the time our projects are ready, we will have good schools, hospitals and even wider roads in the area," says Shivarama. The company has commissioned top notch consultants of the city to ensure smooth flow of work. Beside the residential projects, the company also has the 8-storied Concorde Techno Park under its wing which will provide commercial space on Hosur Road. They are also in the process of acquiring land for Concorde International Residential School, a stone's throw away from their three projects.

"We have gained confidence and knowledge with each of our projects. Today our brand equity is substantial and all our projects have enjoyed substantial appreciation in value in a very short time," concluded Gopal Reddy.

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