The cradle of fine living - Concorde Napa Valley
There comes a time in life when one needs to look beyond the ordinary, beyond the mundane to lead a life that's both fulfilling and spectacular at the same moment. A life that in many ways reflects caliber; that epitomizes luxury, sophistication and culminates in perfection with the discovery of fine living.
Welcome to Concorde Napa Valley — the cradle of fine living.
It is about where the grapes are grown, isn't it?
Just as it is important to source the right grapes from the right location, fine living too has its roots in the location. Concorde Napa Valley is ideally located on the better side of Kanakapura Road and is spread across a sprawling 110 acres of greenery.These verdant spaces are known for their rich Coconut & Mango plantation and vineyards are not only soothing to the eye but also come as a breath of fresh air.
The bridge to a vineyard has a special allure.
As one enters a vineyard, it feels as if the gates to a different world are opening up, mesmerizing one's senses. Similarly, a beautifully landscaped driveway greets you at Concorde Napa Valley, giving you a preview of the magnificence that's about to unfold. Before you recover from that you are greeted by another breathtaking sight; a beautiful bridge that crosses over to the enchanting enclave of 1000+ luxurious villas of Concorde Napa Valley.
Grand Cru at Concorde Napa Valley.
Grand cru is the French term for a vineyard. All the talk about vineyards, fine wine or for that matter even naming our property Napa Valley falls flat if there was no vineyard. To keep up the spirits and to stay true to the name, Concorde Napa Valley does come with its stay own vineyard. In some ways, this would mark a revival of the vineyards in an area that was once known for growing the finest grapes.
Just as your choice wine, your home too speaks volumes about you.
Just as the aficionado would consider wine as a hallmark of fine living, Concorde Napa Valley too offers the connoisseur everything that could be considered a good life. Right from the 3 star clubhouse spread across a sprawling 5 acres, complete with a gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi, spa, swimming pool, cricket pitch, tennis court, squash courts, billiards, table tennis rooms, a library, a crèche and much more. It's truly a lifestyle that's exceptional and enviable at the same time.
The villas.
There are thousands of vineyards and thousands of fine wines made from the grapes of these vineyards the world over. These wines have somehow come to represent the good life. Concorde Napa Valley too offers connoisseurs like you, 1000+ luxurious villas ranging between 1750 and 5000 square feet of personal space. Designed and created keeping in mind the lavish lifestyle you've come to expect, these villas personify what it means to lead a privileged lifestyle.
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