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10 Aug 2018

Santosh: Hello Roshan. You look a bit worried.

Roshan: Yes, It’s been a month since I moved to Bangalore, my family is soon going to join me and I need to find a home. Can you help me?

Santosh: What exactly are you looking for?

Roshan: As I am new to the city, I don’t know much about residential areas here but I would really prefer areas that are closer to electronic city, safe for families & include amenities required for my kids too. I have a budget of 60-70 Lakhs.

Santosh: How old are your kids?

Roshan: I have an 11-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. Both of them are studying, are there any apartments for sale in electronic city with schools nearby?

Santosh: I have a friend who moved to Bangalore recently. He was looking for a soon to handover 3 BHK flat near Electronic city with similar requirements. He booked an apartment from a reputed builder without any hassles, plus he saved a lot on other charges such as maintenance charges, clubhouse charges, GST, BESCOM fees, legal fees and got car parking too for free. All of this along with PMAY benefits!

Roshan: Wow! That sounds amazing. Can you tell me more about the real estate prices in electronic city and how much money was your friend able to save?

Santosh: Average cost for a 3 BHK apartment in Electronic city can cost you Rs. 65 Lakhs and additional charges may apply. Overall my friend saved around Rs. 6 Lakh.

Roshan: How much did your friend pay for the apartment and who is this builder?

Santosh: He bought an apartment at Concorde Epitome. Concorde Group is a very well known real estate group in Bangalore and their projects are known for the amenities, prices and build quality. For a 3 BHK, he just paid Rs. 59 Lakhs, and he did not have to worry about any hidden charges and the whole process was taken care of by Concorde Group. He still talks about how professionally the entire procedure was done, starting from the visit to registrations & booking.

Roshan: What about the amenities?

Santosh: He has access to the clubhouse facilities, swimming pool, table tennis, gym and much more. He can easily save a lot of time on the commute. Not just time, he will be able to save more each month.

Roshan: Wow! Sounds like I found my home. It’s everything I have been worried about since I moved here. Santosh, if you don’t mind can you get me the contact details of Concorde Group? I can’t wait to visit the apartment and book it.

Santosh: Oh Yes! I forgot to mention, you can just drop your details, Concorde Group will take care of the rest. Please ensure you do that at the earliest as the apartments are almost sold out.

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