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24 Aug 2018

Concorde Napa Valley Smart Home Villas - Upgrade Your Living Experience

Concorde group believes in building properties that match your requirements. Be it amenities, build area, budget or needs such as smart home features. To provide an unparalleled luxury living experience, Concorde Group introduced premium villas at Kanakapura Main Road, Napa Valley. Napa Valley provides an experience that is not just limited to villas, but with amenities that include a swimming pool, amphitheater, tennis courts and a world-class clubhouse. Napa Valley is also one of a kind - built on “kum kang’s” build technology; these villas are not just homes but a state of mind that is equipped with all modern necessities yet away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Decades ago the ability to control our home remotely was possible only in science fiction movies but that is not the scenario anymore. According to Zion Market Research, the technology in this market will reach $53.45 billion by 2022. In the next one year, smart home features are set to become a standard requirement for every home.

What are Smart Homes?
Homes equipped with products or devices connected over a network with features that allow control and automation to improve the way we deal with energy management, security and surveillance on a daily basis. With the help of IoT (Internet of Things), regular devices can be automated by integrating them with sensors and internet connectivity. These devices, when linked together make up a complete home automation system and offer control using voice assistant devices such as Alexa.

With home buyers looking at properties that are fully integrated with smart home features to better their lives, Concorde Napa Valley has become one of the best investment options for any home buyer. Smart home features such as cameras that help you monitor your home 24x7 remotely, send customized alerts in case of an emergency, motion sensors for better intrusion detection, automated door lock, control over appliances such as geysers, ACs, and lights for energy management have become popular hence the higher demand in the market.

Napa Valley Smart Home Features
These are fully integrated homes with smart home features that enable you to control your appliances, secure your home remotely, monitor 24/7, and send panic alerts to family and friends, Napa Valley has developed to be one of the technologically advanced luxury villa communities in the city and a home to technology lovers. Here’s what you can expect from a Napa Valley Villa:

1. Enhanced Security for your peace of mind
Keeping your physical property secure is as important as securing your intellectual property. With the help of digital and wireless motion sensors that detect the slightest of the motion, recording & live video streaming accessible anywhere, personalized alerts that can be sent to friends and family that enables you to detect intrusion and take measures such as sound the sirens, send pictures of the intruder & alert messages, switch on several lights across the house or make the home look like it is occupied even while empty. Napa Valley Villas come with these security features that will ensure the security of you and your family.

2. Surveillance to help you stay connected

I. Cameras
Live streaming video can help you monitor the elders, kids and domestic help from anywhere and stay on top of situations in case they may arise. Night vision cameras provide great quality images whereas the outdoor cameras are weatherproof to give you seamless monitoring experience no matter the weather conditions outside.

II. Door Lock
Locks that log each entry, help you know details about every entry and exit. With remote operation, you can also enable a one-time restricted entry so when you are outside you are still connected to your family and home, protecting them always!

3. Energy Management that helps you save cost
With remote access to control your home appliances such as geysers, lights, ACs you can manage your energy consumption in a smarter way! That’s not it! You get to schedule the operation of appliances such as you can switch on lights as per your schedule, receive notifications in case you forget to turn your appliances off while leaving home. All of this to help you reduce the cost of energy consumption and a better & green living.

4. Home Automation for daily lifestyle requirements
With the advanced home automation features, you can now control appliances and remotely switch on/off or schedule the operation. For eg., your geyser can be set to start at 7 AM every day for the next 30 minutes. You can set rules such as switching on the lights when the main door is opened. Set personalized themes such as party, TV night, Morning, night. Dim the lights to create an ambiance or suit your mood.

All these features are currently available under Concorde’s Happiness Unlimited Offer, which not only lets you buy a fully equipped smart home villa at Napa valley but also comes with Rs. 3 Lakh cashback and interest rates as low as 4.99% for the first two years.

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