Month Date Week Day Holiday
January 1-Jan-2020 Wednesday New year
January 15-Jan-2020 Wednesday Makara Sankranti
February 21-02-2020 Friday Maha Shivarathri
March 25-Mar-2020 Wednesday Chandramana Ugadi
May 01-May-2020 Friday May Day
May 25-May-2020 Monday Ramzan
May 25-May-2020 Monday Ramzan
August 15-Aug-2020 Saturday Independence Day
October 2-Oct-2020 Friday Gandhi Jayanti
October 26-Oct-2020 Monday Vijaya Dashmi
November 16-Nov-2020 Monday Deepavali
December 25-Dec-2020 Friday Christmas Day
Please Note:
  1. Ganesha chaturthi is not declared on calendar list, as 22 nd August 2020 is fourth Saturday and it is full day leave for Head office.
  2. No Restricted Holiday list is declared this time, employees are eligible to take two RH as per their requirement in a year with prior permission of HOD.
  3. Employee need to inform his or her HOD / HR one week before he/she plans to avail the Restricted Holiday.
  4. Employees are eligible for Comp Off, if they work on Holidays at the discretion of respective HOD.
  5. Leaves, weekoffs and Compoffs cannot be clubbed in a single stretch.