Experience the joys of referring!

Now that you are an esteemed member of the Concorde family, we are sure you will find it to be a joy unlike any other. And as they say about joy, the more you spread it, the more there is!

So we would like to invite you to spread the joy of being part of the Concorde Family amongst your near and dear ones.

How, you ask?

By referring your friends and family for any project of Concorde, under the newly introduced Concorde Joyosphere – Referral Rewards Programme. The programme entitles you to amazing referral benefits if the people you refer book a home with Concorde. What it also does is help you expand your sphere of joy with people you like the most!

Happy referring!

A successful referral can earn you a handsome referral benefit.

Apartment Value* Referral Benefit*
Under Rs.1 Crore Rewards worth Rs.50,000
Between Rs.1 Crore to Rs.2 Crore Rewards worth Rs.1 Lakh
Above Rs.2 Crore Rewards worth Rs.2 Lakh

Sharing a referral under Concorde Joyoshere is as much a joy as getting the benefit! Because we have made it extremely simple for you. Here are three simple ways by which you can share a reference.

Fill out a short and simple Referral Form available at our Sales Office and hand it over to our Business manager.

Visit: www.concordegroup.in/joyosphere and fill up an online Referral Form

Mail the referral details to marketing@concorde.in with subject “Joyosphere Referral Programme” covering the following details:

  • a. Name of the person referred
  • b. Your relationship with the person referred
  • c. His/Her Email ID and 1O digit mobile number
  • d. His/Her project of preference
  • e. Your Name/Contact Details/Your Project Name

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Bookings through channel partners and corporate programme, employees and associates of Concorde Group are not eligible to participate in this Referral Programme. A separate Referral Programme exist for employees and associates of Concorde Group.
  • 2. The referred customer should not be an existing Concorde customer OR as a walk-ln/opportunity engaged in purchase discussion with a Concorde executive in the last 60 days.
  • 3. The Lead Source in all the concerned documents - Enquiry Form and Application Form, as well as in the CRM software must be Referral; clearly stating the Customer (Referrer) as the source of the booking and a confirmation from the buyer to be shared.
  • 4. The referral bonus will be paid within 60 working days after the referred customer signs the agreement and pays at least 20% of the agreement value of the purchased unit.
  • 5. In case of multiple bookings by the referred customer, if the booking involves multiple units, the referrer/source will be eligible for rewards on all the units booked only If the residences are booked in different primary/secondary applicant names. For subsequent bookings by the same customer, no referral bonus will be applicable.
  • 6. The referral bonus will be paid after deduction of applicable taxes.
  • 7. Referral offer rewards cannot be replaced partially/fully with any other offer and/or discount. It is only applicable for non discounted sales or otherwise mention explicated.
  • 8. In case of cancellation of the residence/s by referred customer, Concorde Group reserves the right to distribute or withhold the reward at company discretion.
  • 9. In case of any conflict by either party, the decision of Concorde Group will be final.
  • 10. Concorde Group reserves the rights to include, modify and/or remove projects in the referral programme and the referral programme itself without any prior notice.