We at Concorde strongly believe in protecting and replenishing Mother Nature for a better tomorrow. Be it the environment or the society, our effort is aimed to make this world a better place to live in. Hence we have 'Akanksha - lead to change' (public campaign) and 'Sparsh' (intra company) initiatives that engage our employees and customers in activities that bring a positive change around us.


Concorde's initiative "Akanksha - Lead to change" is focused on creating and preserving a sustainable environment which forms its core objective. It encourages people to take a pledge to follow the green path by adopting an environment friendly lifestyle. For every pledge you take, we will plant a sapling which would bear your name.

Join hands with us to reach the 10,000 saplings mark. Through this initiative, let's ensure that Bangalore's green cover is not depleted by the aggressive growth that the city is witnessing.

To take the pledge, please click here. By doing this, you vow to make this world a better place to live in by bringing positive changes to our environment.

Be the change you want to see in the world
-Mahatma Gandhi


A National Level Nature Art Exhibition is an initiative of the Concorde and the Bodhi College of Fine Arts. It aims to honour the role nature plays in our everyday lives by creating an everlasting inspiration.


We are what we repeatedly do

To care, respect, love, share, nurture, educate. 'Sparsh' campaign is all this and more. It is what makes humanity, human. People who need help are in abundance and the ones to help them are few. This campaign ensures that the gap is minimized and smiles are spread. Under this campaign, the employees of Concorde by extending this initiative in various NGO's and making a difference to thousands of lives.

Employees of Concorde donate a nominal amount once in fifteen days. The contribution is then used to buy necessity items and then distributed in the NGO. Employees visit these on a rotational basis and spend time and share few laughs with the people. The happiness spread is what we value the most. Through this, we intend to spread the message of touching lives through the smallest of deeds.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"
- Winston Churchill


In the battle against the novel Coronavirus, help the victims recover. Donate for their nutritional and medical aid.

Through Sparsh  -  Concorde's CSR program - all donations will be given to the COVID-19 victims who are fighting for survival, and will be used to protect the ones at risk.

About Smile Foundation - Our Partner

Smile Foundation is a development organization working towards the upliftment of the underprivileged section of society. It aims to help needy families in the pandemic, by providing Dry Ration and Basic Necessity Kit as part of immediate relief.

2,500 for dry ration for a month for one family of 4-5 people

1,250 for dry ration for 15 days for one family of 4-5 people

625 for dry ration for one week for one family of 4-5 people

Any other amount

CLICK HERE to make your donation.

Remember, every donation will be a step towards a healthier world.